DeNovo Acrylic Doors & Swatches
All of our acrylic colours (with the exception of Metallic Blue) are supplied with the new harder wearing TopX surface finish.

The surface of TopX is covered with a protective film up to the time of use, which means up to the point of everyday use in the kitchen or bathroom. The protective film must stay on the surface during processing and installation. After removal of the film, the surface is ready for daily use. No additional polishing is necessary.

For general cleaning TopX, normally available cleaning agents can be used. For special care of the surface, we recommend using VuPlex®.

Important: the use of abrasive effect cleaning agents and scouring agents can cause damage and should be avoided. The surface of TopX is, however, resistant to many chemicals. In case of doubt, suitability and resistance should be checked on a sample surface.

• Greatly improved scratch resistance
• Increased UV stability
• High chemical resistance
DeNovo Edging Options
DeNovo Acrylic Door Swatches
Backing: Silver
Backing: Black
Backing: Silver
Backing: Silver
Backing: Cream
Backing: Silver
Backing: Silver
Backing: White
light grey
Backing: Silver
medium grey
Backing: Silver
dark grey
Backing: Silver
metallic grey
Backing: Silver
Metallic blue
Backing: Silver
metallic beige
Backing: Silver